As a classically Suzuki trained violinist with pop-culture sensibilities, Max combines a traditional approach with a contemporary touch! Music is passion, and Max believes we should learn the music we are passionate about, find our own unique voice while focusing on technique and theory.  Music Lessons provide not just new skills, but structure and inspiration.

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Ukulele Lessons

Max is currently offering beginner Ukulele Lessons, for both kids and aduts!  Violin isn't great for composing lyric-driven songs, so when Max got into song-writing, Max needed a chord instrument and chose the ukulele!  A small, hand-held fretted guitar, ukulele is amazingly accessible and easy to learn, and was the perfect fit!  Max went on to write a majority of the songs from Homomentum the Musical on their ukulele!  

Especially if you're an aspiring singer-songwriter, ukulele is a great place to begin, to learn how to form chords, strum and pick.  Learn cover songs to begin!  Thanks to the internet, it's easy to find ukulele arrangements for your favorite songs, and Max will teach them to you. Also just generally, Ukulele is a great, accessible introduction into the world of music, and you can expect quick results.  Max will have you leading a campfire sing-along in no time.

Violin Lessons

Max is now available to teach both adults and kids (age 5+) violin!  Beginner and intermediate students are welcome!  Max has taught music at Ethos Music Center, Bravo Youth Orchestras and with Suzuki Stumptown.  As a lifelong violinist who was trained in the Suzuki method, Max is stoked to take on new students!

Creative Coaching

Need some feedback on a play you just wrote?  Curious how to get your art produced, or how to start a cabaret series?  Need some advance to take your drag number to the next level?  Need some choreography?  Want to write a song but can't figure out how to organize your thoughts?  Max can help!  A playwright, event-producer, drag superstar, song-writer and more, Max has over 10 years experience in creating successful art!

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